Resident Councils

Both nursing homes and adult homes are required by law to maintain resident councils. Resident councils should be resident-directed, and should be a resource for residents to bring up complaints or problems to the administration as a collective. Unfortunately, because of the many obstacles facing residents of nursing homes and adult homes, many resident councils are co-opted by the administration, or barely exist at all.

CIAD works with resident councils of adult homes and nursing homes in order to promote independence and effectiveness. Resident council organizing typically begins with informational meetings. CIAD distributes and explains the Residents’ Bill of Rights-an abbreviated version of the adult home regulations- as it applies to residents’ day to day life. The group then begins brainstorming about council purposes and problems. The organizer helps to structure the council and strategize about problems and solutions. CIAD often helps residents organize and hold elections for council officers and provides assistance on the basic mechanics of running meetings, the role of the chair, and in creating an agenda for improvement of conditions in the home. CIAD helps with monthly meetings, and with one-to-one support of resident members and leaders.

CIAD has also created an organizing manual to assist residents trying to organize a resident council. To download the Resident Council Organizing Manual, click here.

To download our QUIP/Enable brochure, click here.

To download our brochure, "How To Organize a Food Committee In Your Home", click here.